What Does PrECOG Offer?

  • Clinical trial oversight and management of all facets of sponsor-related responsibilities under an IND
  • Master contracts with an established premier network of institutions for efficient start-up and streamlined process across the continuum of study operations
  • Leverage strong existing site relationships to facilitate high-quality performance

Phase I/II

  • Closely aligned with ECOG Disease Committee
  • Standardized approach to drug development
  • Cost-effective trial model versus standard CRO model
  • Faster completion through experienced sites

Phase III

  • Collaboration with key opinion leaders and cooperative group sectors for drug development
  • Quicker start-up than cooperative group studies, since NCI approval is not required

Phase I-III

  • Access to consortium of laboratories, which can process molecular markers and tissue banking
  • Access to a broad array of sites: universities, medical centers, Community Clinical Oncology Programs (CCOPs), and Cooperative Group Outreach Programs (CGOPs)
  • Streamlined drug development processes and timelines through central organization
  • Adaptive study management through customized monitoring, central randomization, and Electronic Data Capture (EDC)